To capture and share the journeys of inspiring people and highlight great books and boozy drinks for the Scotch Parlor community.


I launched Scotch Parlor as a media project in 2018, with the idea to interview and profile the journeys of inspiring people throughout the Bay Area. It was built as a media platform where I produced a podcast, took cool photos, and created short documentaries about the people and brands I interviewed.

Scotch Parlor, today, continues to build upon my original media platform idea but has now expanded its subject base. Now, I will bring my love for books and my enjoyment of discovering new booze to Scotch Parlor.

There is a source of energy behind books and booze that connects to Scotch Parlor. Books bring inspiration, entertainment, and knowledge. Boozy drinks create social gatherings, builds upon friendships; it's a style of relaxation and a means to satisfy the joy of an accomplishment.

We, as Creators, Storytellers, Makers, and Doers, find ourselves in the everlasting pursuit of being productive. At times, we may find ourselves in isolation mode from what may be going on in the outside world. The best way I found out how to settle my mind after hours of creating is to grab a book, sip some bourbon or a glass of wine, and read a story. By doing this, it takes my mind off the project I was working on and helps me enter back into our life's most extraordinary adventure...and that's living.

Scotch Parlor will always come down to a community of people who love to create and are willing to share their stories. We want to inspire you to do what you love. We all have to work hard for our dream, but don't forget to breathe and experience life.

Scotch Parlor is not perfect now or may never be. It will always be a project and platform that evolves and gets better and better over time. For now, this is where you will get to hear inspiring individuals, be introduced to great books, and recommended alcohol from brands that have their own stories to share.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Welcome to the Scotch Parlor Community.

Inspire. Live. Create. Life is Good.

Rick Scotch
Founder of Scotch Parlor


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