Episode 21: The Flower Influencer – Jun Piñon

Lights, camera, flowers! May I introduce you to the Flower Picasso, Mr. Jun Piñon.









You can fake it for the first 15 minutes, after that you better know what the hell your're talking about. 

Lights, camera, flowers! May I introduce you to the Flower Picasso, Mr. Jun Piñon. Jun has been a floral designer for over 25 years, providing flower arrangements to 5-star hotels throughout his career. Hotels such as the Ritz, Four Seasons and the Fairmont, to name just a few. Today, you will find him on Social Media, inspiring his following through his passion for flowers.

Jun was born in the Philippines, came over to the U.S. to study interior design. Upon graduating, he was determined to find his first job. There was an opportunity with a local retail store as a silk floral arranger. Jun had no idea on how to be a floral designer, but he wanted a job so bad that he faked it until he made it. Jun ended up getting the job through his enthusiasm and dedication in learning the craft. Months later, while working, he ended up meeting a florist that would eventually lead him down the path of becoming San Francisco's most celebrated floral designer.

One of my favorite stories Jun shared was he when he realized what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Jun had just been promoted as the delivery person for a florist. It was Mother's Day and was extremely busy with all the orders he had to drop off. It was getting late, and one of the last deliveries was to an elderly woman. As she opened the door, she immediately lit up with so much amazement and appreciation. That's when Jun realized the power of flowers. He loved the idea of providing this type of magic to his customers. From that day forward, he was addicted and hooked for the opportunity to give happiness to his customers.



Everybody that is winning in life is happy with what they're doing. 

After years of providing flowers to 5-star hotels, it was time for Jun to explore another avenue. Jun is a natural showman, so once he discovered the power of Instagram, the Flower Influencer was born. Jun has only been on Instagram for a year now and has amassed an enormous following. You will find him doing tutorial videos, tours around flower markets, words of encouragement, and most of all raw video of who Jun Piñon is. His followers love him, and he is a true inspiration for anyone who needs a reminder on the power of doing what you love.

In this podcast, we talk about Jun's flower career, how his father was such a significant influence on him and how he sacrificed part of his career to take care of him while he was losing his eyesight. We also talked about his love for flowers, his failures, and successes, why he loves social media, some advice for entrepreneurs, and why he so passionate about teaching others.

Jun is one of a kind. He is one of those people who you meet for the first time and instantly like; a person who can fill a room with enthusiasm. He wakes up every morning, loving what he does. Passionate about helping others and sharing his love for flowers to all. As he says, "I'm not here to impress, I'm here to Inspire."

Enjoy the podcast and go after your dreams.

In this episode, here are Some Questions I ask & what You will learn:

Jun’s Intro. (2:40)

Jun talks about him moving to the U.S. from the Philippines. (3:50)

Jun’s parents. (4:25)

What child influences led you to your current life? (5:50)

Jun learns from how his father did business. (7:25)

Jun talks about his first job after graduation. (9:00)

You can fake it for 15 minutes… (13:15)

His dad told him… (13:30)

The opportunity to work with fresh flowers. (14:35)

Jiun talks about taking advantage of any opportunity. (16:00)

A Mother’s Day Delivery. (17:20)

Delivering Magic. (17:55)

The moment he realized he loved what he was doing. (18:25)

 His conversation with his father when he decided to explore the flower world. (18:40)

Jun’s parents come to America to retire. (21:55)

Hawaiian vacation led to a job opportunity. (22:20)

Jun talks about being genuinely enthusiastic. (24:00)

Jun talks about his Hawaiian experience. (25:20)

Jun’s Dad starting to lose his vision. (26:50)

Life changes. (27:25)

Jun wants to repay his parents for all that he has been given. (28:45)

Took time off to learn more about his father. (29:50)

Failing forward with his first flower business experience. (30:50)

Being humble to build something great. (31:55)

Jun talks about all of the different experiences that have made him what he is today. (32:45)

WIDWID (Why I Do What I Do) (33:40)

Jun starts another business and leaves his safe zone. (35:00)

Porsche got traded for a truck. (35:55)

Figuring out his clients and going after them. (36:30)

Jun talks about his lead generation strategy with people to people connection (37:30)

When hotels call he has every flower a hotel would want. (38:30)

Jun’s “bench” philosophy (39:00)

Business is good. (41:30)

How many flowers do these big hotels order? (43:20)

What does Jun love most about doing what he does? (44:15)

What do you wish to have known when you first started? (45:00)

Finding Social Media. (46:00)

Helping others. (46:50)

Talking about Social Media (47:30)

What does Jun do on his day off? (49:00)

What’s Jun’s favorite or inspirational place? (50:10) 

How does Jun want to define his legacy? (51:10)

Jun is…. (54:45)

Contact Info. (55:30)


Editor’s Note: This story was shared through a Scotch Parlor Podcast. Photography and videography was done by Rick Scotch at The Fairmont of San Francisco, & The Flower Market in San Francisco, California.



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