Scotch Parlor Podcast Season 3 Recap


Season 3 Recap

Sound Bites From Each Podcast Episode

This episode is a recap of Scotch Parlor Podcast Season 3. I had the opportunity to interview seven Creators out in the world doing what they love - that's creating. Go take a listen to this episode for some sound bites from each of the episodes. See below for links to check out each creator's Scotch Parlor Story and full-length podcast episodes from Season 3.


Born & Bred: The Creative Duo

Kyle Merwin & George De'Ath: Founders of Born & Bred Creative Agency.

Have you ever dreamed of opening up a creative agency? Do you wonder what it would be like to run your own creative shop? Let me introduce you to Kyle Merwin and George De’Ath, the founders of San Francisco’s creative branding and marketing agency Born & Bred.


The Lens of Arwin: Land Sea & Sky

Arwin Levinson: Landscape Photographer @arwin.l

Arwin Levinson is a Las Vegas-based landscape photographer known to capture some of the most compelling photography that depicts nature in its most raw and ethereal form. Levinson’s commitment to her photography career only took a serious turn several years ago, and since then, she’s devoted her time to capturing not only perfectly timed photos of our world but also the feeling of awe you get when you experience those moments of wonder in real-time.


Capturing Suspense: Neo- Noir Photographer

Nicolas Miller: New York City Photographer @nickmillers

Nicolas Miller (@nickmillers) is a fantastic photographer who's seen much success since he started taking his photography seriously in 2018. Inspired by moody New York during storms that bring darker weather, Nicolas can be seen walking for miles on end throughout the city, finding the perfect shot that possesses neo-noir-inspired elements.


The Curiosity Mind of Designer Kyson Dana

Kyson Dana: UX Designer & Art Director

Kyson Dana always had a spark for creativity, even when he was a child. He found ways to experiment with this creativity by building treehouses with friends, hosting shows with his band, and creating skateboard designs and logos. Anything to paint his world a little brighter. Kyson has also always been a curious-minded person. He uses this curiosity trait to explore and learn more about the world and develop new ideas and skillsets on passions that intrigue him. This constant need to "staying curious" has built his foundation on the type of designer he is today.


All Aces At Kings Wild Project

Jackson Robinson: Illustrator & Founder of Kings Wild Project

Jackson Robinson is the illustrator we never knew we needed in our lives. His wit, sarcasm, and the ability to create a beautifully detailed deck of cards is the reason why people are drawn to who he is as a whole. Robinson, who is the illustrator and founder of Kings Wild Project, a luxury playing cards company that produces creatively illustrated playing cards, has only one message to deliver his audience around the world, and it's to… learn to like "the suck."


The One Stop Cocktail Shop - Spirit & Spoon

Karl Steuck: Digital Creator & Founder of Spirit & Spoon

Many people don’t think about what all it takes to create a bar menu and a cocktail experience that’ll leave you wanting more. As consumers and patrons, we glance the menu, and we choose what we’d like to enjoy for the night. It doesn’t enter our mind what all goes into creating the menu, visuals, and social media content for the drinks we order.

Karl Steuck understands the industry best; as the founder of Spirit & Spoon, a creative media business that combines photography and content development with cocktail and social media consulting, he can attest to all the hard work it takes to create a business that brings color to the menu and helps other businesses thrive along the way.


Bespoke Automotive - Sean Smith Designs

Sean Smith: Automotive Designer & Founder of Sean Smith Designs

If you ask any car enthusiast you know what their dream job would be, it would probably be to design and create the most luxurious and classic cars out there. For Sean Smith, he gets to live this dream job every day. Sean specializes in the bespoke automotive industry and founded Sean Smith Designs. He has designed the most spectacular cars for celebrities like Kevin Hart and Robert Downey Jr. and works with brands like Saleen Automotive, Ringbrothers, and Speedkore.